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grr...i want a sexyyy girl from ny that i can get to know & accually hangout with, im starting to feel a lil loney & im tierd of some of the ppl in my life right now..whyy are most pp l just so fake and 2 faced ?.... i hatee :[


why whats up jessica xx hope u r ok


I wish I lived in ny lol or evr visied ther


People are just unrealistic, they believe that inorder to be cool is to be not who they are.
You will find someone who cares for you and that lives in NY but somethings take time. Just try to have fun we all do only live once


yeah im finee..i jusst hate people somtimess :\
& ny is pretty funn..i enjoy itt :]

thats truuee, i do try my best to have a good time..but you alwayss need that 1 person alwayys there


Hi, I'm in NY, I'm not single though. But I wouldn't be against chilling sometime if we get to know eachother and such. One can always use another friend and it's good to have friends in the LGBTQ community. I'm real, I am exactly who I present myself as.