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“Saving Face”

When we were young,
My brothers and I would watch the orange,
In the setting sun,
Then at night,
With all the stars,
Glowing above,
Looking up,
We would smile
And talk about life,
Our futures,
Of Days that were going to be.

As we got older,
Things started to change,
My sisters grew
And became part of my life too.

We moved a lot,
As our family life style changed,
For awhile anyway,
Mom went to work,
To full fill her dream.
Dad was gone,
On long trips for many jobs,
We all grew up,
And made lots of fuss.

The economy,
Improved and then fell down once again,
We reminisced,
Through all the years,
Of where we had been.

Divorce was part of the quotient,
Of our changing lives,
With pain for the ride,
On a mystery tour
Surviving each moment,
As time crept by.

Some of us improved with age,
But we all fought,
Through the bad time blues,
And now when they come around again,
With age creeping in,
It makes it hard to get on your feet again.

Everyone is struggling now,
With no work around,
Losing their livelihood,
Looking for salvation,
With family or friend,
As sorrow melts down,
Eating our shoes.

I think too much,
From all the time,
That is at hand,
My mind is too strong,
And I cannot carry on.

Ignoring sad thoughts,
To find solace,
And a little bit of sunshine,
With little bright slivers of life.
I’m looking for something,
Where loneliness,
Will fall from my door,
And restore my faith,
In human kind;
But my mind is too strong,
And it is hard to carry on.

My efforts,
Improve my health,
But rejection,
Keeps hitting me in the face.
So the anguish creeps around,
In the corners of my space.

Hope is a feeling,
We cannot lose,
If we are to keep our face;
But as the problems grow,
And food dwindles from your plate,
It is hard to keep,
Your chin,
From dropping down,
And soaking your feet.

Salvation lies,
In the love you receive.
But when we all struggle,
Love is hard to find,
So you can save some face
And smile once again.

When sadness overwhelms the heart,
And you fall from grace
You need to go,
And find a happy place.

Take the sadness that you feel,
That has caused the glue to become
And grab that special sliver
Of brightness
Embracing Love,
Helping the loneliness disappear
Because some one is holding you
When the day is done.

Jeanie Rose

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