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You tell me not to run I close my eyes to the dark,
the dark that surrounds my heart,
the dark that suffocates me late at night,

I wake up in tears
I cry myself back to sleep,
My nightmares are better than reality
because reality is my worst nightmare.


Thats how I am feeling today Crystal. I am feeling low and even though the night does not feel suffocating I welcome the better thoughts I get when the day is winding down and don't want to sleep because some days seem so bleak.


Eventually, we'll all live in our sleep and plunge into an eternal dark cavity. Life is the scariest nightmare of all. So it's better to stay awake as much as you can!

Very inspiring poem, Crystal


Well we all must sleep to keep our wits from falling apart.
Yes real life can be a nightmare but facing your demons helps you to grow and find happiness at the end.