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The Game of Hang Man

My position is clear,
eliminate the scourge.
God's curse.
All the day I swing
to and fro.
Kill them all.
Suffocate the life from them.
Hang man's noose,
a tie for the accused.

Witch's Brew

Pathetic fools.
After all I've done for you,
this is my thanks.
I birthed your baby.
I saved you life.
But it matters not,
you spit your hate at me.
God forsake this village.
Salem remember my face.
I'll rise from Hell.
I'll burn this wretched town.
Don't bother with the lever.
I'll take the step myself.
See you in Hell.

She's Innocent!

Not her.
Not now.
My wife, my friend,
shes done no wrong.
How can you say this?
Please God let her live.
That's my daughter!
She's no witch,
that girl's a liar!
I think I'm going to be sick.
She swings, she twitches.
My baby, my love, my friend.

Let's Play a Game

Oh God, what am I doing?
I'm doing something wrong.
A game of life and death,
I can't lose.
But someone else will.
This isn't fun anymore.
But I can't stop now,
not when I'm in so deep.
She said if I don't cooperate,
she'll kill me herself.
Oh God I feel sick,
stop looking at me!
I want to stop,
but death is at my heels.
I'm in tears from the lies.
But they think its from pain.
Keep going, keep acting.
Mother forgive me.
I love you,
but I can't lose this game.

May God Have Mercy On Your Soul

Yet another case,
fifth time today.
Thirtieth time this week.
Look at her rolling on the floor.
She must be in pain,
but I know that woman.
She seemed so nice.
Who wouldv'e thought her a witch?
If her husband says one more word,
he'll join her on the gallows.
When will this deciet end?
So many trusted girls
have hung for their discovery.
Sure they plead "NOT GUILTY!"
but I know a liar when I see one.


I like the hang man one the best. You have a lot of thoughts in each poem that you could branch off and make other poems from that one poem. I did that a lot when I was around your age.


they were a creative writing project last semester. probably the best set of poems i have


cool- keep writing and you will see a transformation occur as you learn more about the world and you experience more about life. I have 3 published poems and could have more but I'm lazy and it does cost to get them published. I could have many more and my new stuff is better too. What I do not like about some of these publishing companies is they have too many rules and I am not rich enough to self publish.


ugh i kno its such a hassle...& if it costs so much 2 publish a poem can u imagine a novel?


argh! im writing like 5 of those things....


your poetry is so vivid that you make an ecellent case for past life memories. It saounds as if you were there in Salem during the witch hunts'/trials. they are most excellent and incredibly creepy they are so good. WOW! Phenomenal job.


wow thanks well i do have the mark of the witch on my hands but other than that idk if i was there. i just read the poem half hanged mary and got inspired

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