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Giving us Purpose Through Illumination”
I wrote this after watching the movie with Elijah Wood "Everything is Illuminated" This movie seemed so futile when I started to watch it I did not enjoy it at first but what learned from the suffering of the jewish people over the centuries they have suffered it gave me different perspective. So here are my feelings I wrote about how we are important:

“Giving us Purpose Through Illumination”

We are all a part,
Of one another,
Whether we want to,
Believe it or not,
We have affected the future,
Of those around us.
And continue to untie the knot.

From this association,
We need to record,
Of special moments,
We have had in our lives:
So when déjavu,
Should come into the realm,
And part of our lives,
We can catch the past,
And become illuminated,
With memories,
From tokens,
That helped us
Not to forget.

Giving a jolt to your brain;
You remember,
With bitter sweetness,
That hangs in the air;
And a tear starts to roll,
From the corner of your eye,
And slowly disappears.

Now your life has more meaning,
With wonderment,
That you became,
A part of that moment,
And it has affected your life.

What ever we touch,
Whether it is an instrument of life,
Or giving from the heart,
Whoever we see,
Or spend time with,
Each experience changes our lives,
Illuminating it,
With more clarity,
To give us purpose,
Because we have affected,
Those around us,
And continue the circle of life.

Jeanie Rose
November 2008

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