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I wrote this for a friend Carol who was caught out in the rain after she had to leave a testing area to renew her license and they did not have her registration listed. Her friend dropped her off and left to go shopping not knowing she would have to sit in the rain and wait for her.


Sitting outside in the rain,
Images flow freely,
As the anguish of defeat
Brings rivers of tears
That well up in your eyes.

Reflecting on your own existence,
As the rain runs down your face,
You see distorted images of everything,
And feel out of place.
Your brain is in overload,
Flustered at the struggles,
Of everyday life;
Hopelessness seeps in like a fog,
Strangling any positive thoughts.

As you reflect,
And give in to the misery of life,
Questions pop up in your brain,
And the salty rain of tears,
Dry on your bewildered face.

You say to yourself,
Why do I go on
When I will end up in one place?
As you look up to see the sun,
Peering through the cloud,
Seeking answers to your grief.

You must open you heart,
And rest your wondering mind,
Accept the challenge,
That life is really hard.
When you can see,
The peace you have within you,
The struggles fall away,
And your confidence unfolds,
Like a slow moving wave.

As you leave sorrow,
Fall away like a flower petal into the glistening sun,
You recapture what life has taught you,
By reflecting the lessons that you have learned.

We do have angels around us;
They are the friend’s who care,
They are the eyes of eagles
And minds of the hawks,
They see our future and our thoughts,
They are the loved one’s who have passed before us,
And caress us in their love.

Catch a flattering glimpse,
Of the joys that are around us.
And with wisdom,
Horizons open up and teach us,
Giving us fresh ideas,
As each day unfolds,
Helping us to refocus,
Of what life has in store,
Because we decided,
Of how it’s to be told.

Rejoice in our discovers,
When we have those better days,
Envision a future,
Taken from the walls,
That were broken down,
And the flow of truth,
Will bring us around,
So we can be happy again,
From the peace we have found.

Jeanie Rose

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