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it's the sympathy that keeps you in my eyes
and no one else knows what i feel inside
it's crazy,you know,how we got this far.
i aimed for the moon but i fell on your heart.

...and it's strange the way you look at me.
like i've become distant,like a dream upon a dream.
i'm telling you,this is how it was all planned out.
this dream that i'm living won't ever bring me down,♥


I am interpeting this as you need to feel love back and your not going let anyting bring you down matter what happens with your relationship.

Just make sure she feels the same way. I'm too old to play games and need someon in my life to make me feel good and so do you. You can't love someone if you feel sorry for them. Accept them for who they are and expect that in return otherwise it will never work.
Nice feelings there!


I would rather be looked upon with empathy than sympathy. But, it as Jeanie said, does seem that you are determined to love her regardless. Be careful of your heart.

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