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Angle of Death,
how you surround me.
Cover my world in a
blanket of darkness,
destruction to my left
and right. You’re getting
closer to me with every
life you take away. Your
breath tickles my neck
and your presence is
more dominant than
usual. But oh, how I
dreamt of this day.
When we would finally
meet. Stare death
straight in the eyes
and let him welcome
you with his open arms.
Pass through me and
free me of this body.
Free of the world’s
continuous pressure
holding me down.
Give me my wings,
and take me with you.
Bring me to my
best friend, my cousin,
my uncle, my aunt and
grandmother. Let me
see god himself.
Oh angle of death I beg
you please! But no. You
leave me cold another night
on this earth. Condemned to
this body until a later date. But I
will wait. As I always have.
And you will tuck me in to
bed tonight. As you always


You are tired of the struggles of life. I have been here many times Cassie especially since I have quite a few health issues where I cannot do what I used to do to injures and then of hereditary problems I was born with.
But if you have any faith in a high power you cannot give up. As humans this is part of the course of life- the struggle- and sometimes I feel it being quite futile as we live in a world today that does not promise us much in our future; but like the ants we see on the ground we have similiarities to their lives just like all the animals in this world. The struggle to survival and then meet our death when we can no longer go on. It does seem futile. Are we here just for the struggle or to help one another out and learn and teach each other humanity that we were born to? What is our purpose? I miss loved one you have left this earthly plane too, but there are individuals on this earth that love you too even those you never knew loved you. I have found this out in my life before. I have touched people and never knew until by some chance we met again. If gave me more hope with humanity that we do matter that we are just the animals or ants of the world- our presence does make a difference. Have you ever watched " Its a wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. When I was suffering from self doubt and anger about being alive - that is didn't really matter I watched that movie. Now I have a family I raised so it affected me more but even if you do not have any siblings or a partner all of us affect other peoples lives- you change their thinking- and if you are a generous human you can have a say so in humanity even more. If you are a recluse which many of us can be do to the computer world then we can communicate like I am doing now with you. What you have said has affected me and what I have said has affected you.
I don't know if you have seen my "The Spirit Sees' poem but here it is again just for you to show you my view about the other side and then another poem I wrote about the miseries of life and how my thinking changes from day to day.
I have seen people die as I had been in the medical profession for over 15 years. Most of it quite moving, some of it sad. I have met people who have died over 5 times and come back and that has given me a new lease on life.
It showed me that we do matter. Anyway here is my Spirit Sees poem and let me know your feelings of what I have said here in this mail plus the poems.
Of course I welcome everyones opinions.

Now I will start off with the worst of the poems of desperation and then I will follow with 2 more.
This first one is called :

"Why do we keep Trying"

Why do We Keep Trying?

We all fall down,
Like a domino effect,
Wondering when
It all will end;
To a tragedy that happened,
Before we became dead,
To feelings of any kind,
And when it was all
Said and done,
We must pick up the pieces,
Of what life we have left,
And start all over again,
Finding peace in our lives.
And once we have,
What we think is right,
Will there be another tragedy,
For us to handle again?
Can we deal with anymore,
Of life’s pain and abuse,
And keep picking up the pieces,
To start again?

Life is a learning experience,
As we come closer to death.
To teach us what we never knew,
Making us stronger,
More numb,
Believing in God our creator,
Waiting for him to take us,
After the cruel world is done with us,
And spits us out.
Do you ever wonder,
Why we still exist?

Why do we,
As humans,
Like ants on the ground,
And after we are smashed,
Keep getting up,
To struggle and survive ?
It’s our nature, just like the ant,
To keep trying,
To carve out a life,
Bring home the bread,
Hoping for a calm,
And safe place,
Where we can finally,
Find peace,
And die a happy death.

What are the answers
We search for
In everyday life?
Does it really matter
As we patter in the night?

God help give me the answers,
To my troubled soul,
And my body that fights,
The mighty fight of survival.

We all question
Especially as we age,
Become weaker,
And feel ashamed,
Possibly because
we did not try hard enough,
or made the wrong choices.

Being human
Is making mistakes,
Learning from them;
Taking different paths
Sometimes to a better life.

Our fears keep us planted though
In a merry-go-round
That has lost its joy
And the anger sets in
Like a broken toy
Leaving us empty again,
Just to start all over again.

Let me get this right,
Let me push pass that fear,
Let me have new success,
To give me hope,
In this futile life.

Inch by inch,
Getting closer to
A frail body,
For a meager existence,
Till God sweeps his hand
To say it is all finished.


Second one is " Refocusing" If I do not have enough characters to do the last poem I will post it tomorrow.


Sitting outside in the rain,
Images flow freely,
As the anguish of defeat
Brings rivers of tears
That well up in your eyes.

Reflecting on your own existence,
As the rain runs down your face,
You see distorted images of everything,
And feel out of place.
Your brain is in overload,
Flustered at the struggles,
Of everyday life;
Hopelessness seeps in like a fog,
Strangling any positive thoughts.

As you reflect,
And give in to the misery of life,
Questions pop up in your brain,
And the salty rain of tears,
Dry on your bewildered face.

You say to yourself,
Why do I go on
When I will end up in one place?
As you look up to see the sun,
Peering through the cloud,
Seeking answers to your grief.

You must open you heart,
And rest your wondering mind,
Accept the challenge,
That life is really hard.
When you can see,
The peace you have within you,
The struggles fall away,
And your confidence unfolds,
Like a slow moving wave.

As you leave sorrow,
Fall away like a flower petal into the glistening sun,
You recapture what life has taught you,
By reflecting the lessons that you have learned.

We do have angels around us;
They are the friend’s who care,
They are the eyes of eagles
And minds of the hawks,
They see our future and our thoughts,
They are the loved one’s who have passed before us,
And caress us in their love.

Catch a flattering glimpse,
Of the joys that are around us.
And with wisdom,
Horizons open up and teach us,
Giving us fresh ideas,
As each day unfolds,
Helping us to refocus,
Of what life has in store,
Because we decided,
Of how it’s to be told.

Rejoice in our discovers,
When we have those better days,
Envision a future,
Taken from the walls,
That were broken down,
And the flow of truth,
Will bring us around,
So we can be happy again,
From the peace we have found.
Jeanie Rose

Actually I have quite few that deal with immortality so I will share that one next instead of the "Spirits" one because it goes with this forum more that the "spirit" poem does.

“Giving us Purpose Through Illumination” Written after watching the movie with Elijah Wood "Everything is Illuminated" This movie seemed so futile but what I have learned from the suffering of the jewish people over the centuries they have suffered it gave me different perspective.

“Giving us Purpose Through Illumination”

We are all a part,
Of one another,
Whether we want to,
Believe it or not,
We have affected the future,
Of those around us.
And continue to untie the knot.

From this association,
We need to record,
Of special moments,
We have had in our lives:
So when déjavu,
Should come into the realm,
And part of our lives,
We can catch the past,
And become illuminated,
With memories,
From tokens,
That helped us
Not to forget.

Giving a jolt to your brain;
You remember,
With bitter sweetness,
That hangs in the air;
And a tear starts to roll,
From the corner of your eye,
And slowly disappears.

Now your life has more meaning,
With wonderment,
That you became,
A part of that moment,
And it has affected your life.

What ever we touch,
Whether it is an instrument of life,
Or giving from the heart,
Whoever we see,
Or spend time with,
Each experience changes our lives,
Illuminating it,
With more clarity,
To give us purpose,
Because we have affected,
Those around us,
And continue the circle of life.

Jeanie Rose
November 2008


I have found solace in movies all my life as I was abused as a child and dancing and watching movies was my escape and to help me discover humanity. This is why I write the way I do. My Aunt says I speak such honesty in my poetry. I never looked at it that way before.


Cassie as usual you are very well written and well versed. You said it was hard for you to write happy poems. I challenge you to go to a lake or creek where there is solitude and sit until you are inspired. Do it as an exercise once a week or at least a month. Find that little girl inside who loves wonder. Use her as your muse and see if your poetry doesn't brightenup. You have a beautiful gift. Therefore you must have a beautiful spirit. You are a beautiful girl. Explore the brighter side of that beauty.


Yes you do have a gift Cassie- I like Kelliy's suggestion. I used to do this alot and I might start doing it again as I live near a beach. Thanks for the imput Cassie. You've got me thinking.


Thanks. My best friend keeps giving me the same challenge. And i do plan to do it. it's just so cold right now. today it was -47 degrees Celsius. I do have this favorite spot on my property. It has two tall pine trees, and its right beside a river. I used to sit there with my friend before he passed, and just talk and talk. but i haven't gotten a chance to get back out there.


once the snow melts and the tundra thaws get her on out there honey!! LOL
Sometimes if you have a mall with a water fountain that can be very relaxing or anywhere that maybe in doors and relaxing/

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