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I thought of an idea for a story that would revolve around a little girl who, after uncovering some kind of malicious, arcane magic/entity/cult, is drawn into the woods behind her house, and is found tied to a tree, partially eaten, covered with tiny bitemarks. does this sound gratuitous, cliche or dumb to anyone else? it's just a rough, vague idea. want to go for a sort of lovecraft/poppy z. brite feel. Like, a really fucked up alice in wonderland. any thoughts?


I was actually thinking Alice in Wonderland as I read that... and Gremlins, but let's not go there. &gt_>

Sounds like a possibly good idea. Difficult to say without more info though. It would depend where the story goes from there. I approve of Lovecraftian style stories though. ^^


sound cool.