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Has anyone read the story of David and Jonathan in the book of 1 Samuel? It's a wonderfully heartwarming story of two boys who (quoting from the King James version) "loved one another with a love greater than that of women". Of course, most of the "modern language" bibles not only lose the true meaning, but also destroy the poetry of it... And it is rare that you'll hear it as a reading at mass/communion! It's a great little bible quote to throw out at the pseudo-christian bigots, especially if you first establish that they believe the bible to be the inspired word of God!

To me, God gave us, in that book, the blueprint for a spiritually healthy gay relationship. (btw, David did go on to marry a woman, but not until after his young male friend had died in battle.)

It is also notable that David was "chosen of God", and later became the leader of all Israel. He is also the same David who wrote the Psalms, and of whose "line" Jesus was born. Hence, we have one of the leading characters in the whole of scripture demonstrably having been involved in a seemingly deep and loving relationship with a younger boy (Bible researchers put David at about 19 at the time, and Jonathan about 14). Of course, the standard "reply" is that the Bible doesn't explicitly place them in a physical or sexual relationship, but it does mention them kissing!


That is a very common theory concerning that passage...and I must admit that when I first heard it i was very surprised. My somewhat conservative Christian upbringing caused me to question the validity and forced me to research those passages myself. Ultimately is helped me to come to terms with my own sexual orientation and my faith. Another popular GLBT reference in the bible is that of Ruth and Naomi! Check that one out! LOL Thanks for sharing!


Actuallly it was only after I accepted my sexuality that i came across that passage. It took a little bit of thinking to accept that a gay relationship was a distinct probability in the passage. This challenged everything I had been told to believe about it, but i had to accept that i had probably been taught wrong.


Of course, many conservative christians have challenged that interpretation over the years, but there are so many little details which back it up. The phrase "their souls were knit" mirrors the scriptures concerning marriage, the fact that David disrobes in front of Jonathan, which, at that time, would have been an unthinkably disrespectful thing to do with anyone except your spouse. @Kira - I'll take another look at Ruth & Naomi. Thanks for that one.


I thought that every body knew about David and Ruth. I took a mail order bible study at the age of thirteen an saw it clearly. But I read very well. In the movie Fried Green tomatoes The battered friend sends the page of the bible to the main character where Ruth tells Naomi "Your people Shall be My people" and it is scored to be a message to her. She then goes and gets her and they are togeter unill She dies of cancer leaving her lover/savior to raise her son Buddy.


I think the greatest thing I ever did in my education was take a theology course in college. Yes, I even considered become a man of the cloth, but I had so many unanswered questions about myself, I had to find some answers.

The prof was a defrocked... no former .. priest and it was the most eye opening experience I have ever had. He tore the scriptures to pieces and then we put them back together again. It was amazing. When one learns the history of our religion, it is not wonder people thought it a cult at first.

Keep learning... keep yourself educated. Whenever I speak at a church, whether ours or others, I always tell the people, "Do not accept what I or anyone else tells you. Learn for yourself." Then they kick me out and go on listening instead of learning... :-)


Wow what a coincidence. Im currently reading 1 Samuel for the first time. I havent gotten to those passages about David and Jonathin yet. I have read those passages, but for the first time, Ill be able to put them in context with everything around them.