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It is great to swim in clear and untainted waters. feeling free to move and express individuality. People of all sorts refuse to swim in the clear calm waters and remain in the uncertain river of Egypt. Be true break the chain and express your true you and inner beauty.


I want to know more about this river in Egypt? I want to know more about the difference between the clear calm waters and the uncertain river of Egypt. Why specifically Egypt? And if uncertainty is a river in Egypt, where is calm and clear?

Don't get me wrong. I get the play on the word Denial, as it is a joke my girlfriend uses often. I like the play on words, but I feel like you could go further with the metaphors.


this i nice, i want to knw more about this river too


I like this ppoem I just wish tere was more clarity. Like th other's I want to know wlere the clear waters are that are the opposition to the murky nile waters. Them I might could more clearly see the Denial. does that mak sense to you? ; )


To answer the question The river in Egypt is called "the Nile" phonetically sounds like di-nile. This is why I used the river. On other aspects of the waters being murky. I used geography to use this conclusion and aspects of live as well. The Nile is a huge river a strong one which erodes the land as it runs it course. This natural effect causes the waters to look dark and muddy also where crocodiles live. The rough waters falls along this river lead t clear calm waters. So my insight comes from nature and geography. But not to say that life isn't like a river. We have time in out lives that are calm and things look clear in the future meaning ahead you know which path to take. Then you have your moments of doubt and insecurity that look dark and you cannot see ahead into your future or the path your life is heading. So my conclusion to this is that life is very much like our natural environment. We make it what we want and if you do not know what you want then you are heading down an unknown path where you are bound to loose yourself. Hope you guys enjoyed my analogy of this poem.