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have you ever had one of those days when things went from bad to worst??
sometimes i just wish life was a play and i time to rehearse
at one time i had money, cars, and to damn many clothes
i had everything any one could dream about....minus the hoes
a good job, a nice car, and i had my own place
but most of all i had a woman who made sure a smile stayed on my face
then one day....things took a turn from worst to just plan horrific
after i lost everything i thought i'd at least have my gurl
but she just turned out to be like everything i bought....materlistic
now that im down and out....
im trying to get back on my feet and figure what lifes about
im young i know...
but at what time i had it all
at least i thought i did, now i see where my plan was flawed
see i was living the good life, the life most people dream to have
i took everything in....the good with the bad
it wasnt until now that im all lost i feel like im truely living
i appreciate the little things in life
shiiit last year i actully cooked at thankS giving
i been spending time with family and friends
and now i know who really has my back
i started praying again...
now i know how to act.
its a slow process, but im getting back on my feet
being single...its hard...and a lonely street
but its not about what i want
but what God has in store for me
and the day he sends me my angel
is the i will smile
and while we're sleep holding eachother
he'll say:


other than maybe wanting to go back and rewrite a few things (i feel you left a few words out in typing this), i really like this. i might be a little biased because this is similar to a lot of the poetry i write, but i like your style.

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