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Petition to end LGBT Discrimination @ Blood Banks - Looking for LOVE!!!

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I wanted to let everyone in this group know, there is a petition set up at: http://www.change.org/petitions/view/end_discrimination_at_the_blood_bank. It takes less than 30 seconds to go in and sign the petition asking the FDA to reverse its policy on allowing members of the LGBT community to donate blood.

Thank you all!



Omg WTF they reject us there too? It's not like all we do is screw and get STIs. . . Rejecting someone for their interest/lifestyle/something that's not their choice in all cases is wrong. It's like hitler killing 6m Jews cos they were Jews. I'm looking at tht petition . Thanks for posting that


i didn't know that. well if they're too homophobic to recieve my blood, then i am just as happy not to give it to them (of course i'll still sign the petition) . it's not like intimacy with the same sex is any more dangerous than with the opposite sex. i'm not going around screwing every gay man that i see, (cannot say the same for some of the straight guys i know)