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Here we are again. Face to face.
Once healed wounds ripped open.
Don’t let them see you shake. Your
core so unstable the faintest
whimper could take you down.
Stand strong. Stand Proud.
Focus the little energy you
have trying to impress me. I have
over-powered you. For once, it is you
who falls to their knees. It is you
who is begging for mercy.
And I watch it all waiting for some
sort of satisfaction. But I feel nothing.
This is not what revenge is supposed to
feel like. The mascara running down your
face leaves a bittersweet taste in my
mouth. What have I done? Have I become
a product of the monster I have been
fighting against? Trudge on through this
battlefield find where the love is.
Blood smears of what was once ours
are found on their faces. Faces of
innocence. But we did this. I did this.
And for what?


I think this is very good. I bet it would be really awesome as spoken word, but it is very good just written. The ideas expressed are great. The idea of heading into battle expecting to be the good guy fighting the bad guy and then realizing the line between good and bad is never simple or clear, and quite frequently shifts when you least expect it.


i agree with erin, you are very well written ive always thought that, but u have such a way of putting theses words into such wonderful expressions. nice work.


thanks, i actually have no idea where this poem came from, i haven't been in a relationship since like the beginning of august. it just came on, and felt right? i don't know if that makes sense. haha

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