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My Personal Artwork.. just a lil something - Poetry Group

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Your hands sliding along my body finding beauty in what I consider my flaws, creates a sensation that only your touch can bring about..
My hand sliding down the middle of your breast, continuing down until I reach OUR special place gives you indescribable feelings that your facial and body expressions cant help but show.. The uncontrollable body motions are what gets to me the most, from the biting of your lip to the closing of your eyes as your chest rise and head tilts back, the juices your body leaks, the sounds your lips release gives me a feeling of being in control, wanting to play with you.. bite your nipple to listen to the noise you make, tap your clit to feel you flinch, push my fingers inside you to watch you rise..
biting your nipple while tapping your clit and pushing my fingers inside of you = watching you lose complete control as your body shakes, toes curl, hands clench, and your moans fill the room creating a 3D piece of artwork in which I am the artist to and you my material