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what i hear is not you
what i hear is not true
what i hear is out there but free
my mind says dont listen
and my heart.

death to many
maybe for you
death a trickle
of your blood boiling because i am apart of you.

death to thee and not to flee
stand and fight for what you believe
god is not real because he did not save me
to be apart of you makes my skin crawl
my grandad is my hero your just a fool.

if i have a son he will never look or be like you
if i have a daughter she will know the truth
of what you use to do
you stole my childhood
you stole my dream
you hide inside and hope it will go away
but it wont because your a burden to life
so i am not like you and i am never going to be, so pass on by and maybe i will say hi.

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