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at what age did you start writing poetry? - Poetry Group

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i started writing in elementary school. I have friends who didn't start writing until they were in thier 20's & even 30'S. You start writing when your bitten. If your worried about how you write, go to a college book store and buy bood on writin and poetry. Study it and find your niche. If your already writing post it and see if your feedback says you require studing writing. My writing style is handicapped by my bad typing and my dragonclaw fingernails. they don't break or cut and it takes forever to file them. it's a time management issue. besides. we are each our own worst critic. listen to others about you writing. you will kill it before it ever got to live.


i started writing around junior high. i started writing things that were decent in high school.
i don't think there is an age at which your writing becomes good, or an age you need to be in order to write good stuff.

i would say 'good poetry' (if one can ever define that), depends on two major things.

the first is the unique expression of passion in such a way as the whole of the poem conveys something more than just the sum of all the words in it. passion = any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. it doesn't have to be romantic passion, it doesn't have to be love. passion can include hate, anger, joy, fear, etc. this is generally done through metaphor or simile, often by stripping a poem down to one theme which the reader can identify with on a universal level. i think it definitely helps to have a certain amount of life experience under your belt to be able to do this well, but not necessary. Some people have a large capacity for empathy, and can write well about other people's experiences.Some people are just very observant of the outside world, and can write beautiful poetry about their observations without having yet experienced it first hand. Still, to connect with the rest of humanity through your poetry, it can only be great benefit to have a lot of experience with humanity. Exposure to humanity (and inhumanity) happens to people at all different times in their lives, at all different rates. How could one say there is a specific age at which an individual should be ready to write good poetry based on this criteria? i don't necessarily subscribe to this idea that the only good poetry comes from a tortured soul or a broken heart, either.

the second criteria for a good poem is good mechanics. it's hard to explain the mechanical requirements for a poem, because a poem can take any number of forms. there are basic principles that can be applied to poetry, though. the same principles that apply to art in general. a good poet has an understanding of movement, unity, harmony, variety, balance, emphasis, contrast, proportion, and pattern. these things can come at any age, and generally only with study and practice (though there are certainly people who have natural talent for incorporating these principles). they are principles anyone of any age can understand and practice implementing in their poetry.

so, i don't think it is necessary to be old to really write good poetry. you can have lived through three lifetimes worth of experience and still not be able to express your experiences through poetry. likewise you can have all the technical ability of a long studied scholar, but have no passion to express.


I started writing in the 4th/5th grade. I look back on things from than, and I thought for my age, I wrote pretty damn good than. I look at things I write now, and I'm my worse critic. I think my writing is well above average but not quite good enough for ME. Point is, I'm only 21. I've always just had a way with words, its something that just came to me naturally, beginning at a very young age. And of corse going through school, learning more things, extending your vocabulary only makes you better. I would actually flip through the dictionary when I was younger just to learn new words, and when I write, I constantly am flipping through the thesaurus. Expand your mind and work on it. And I agree with the above comment, there's no age in which qualifies you as a "good poet" its about what you make it.

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