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one more - i havent written in a long time, so please bear with me - Poetry Group

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i just wrote this one tonight, and it the first complete poem i have written in a while. i have had crazy writer's block for almost two years now. i would appreciate all comments and especially critique, since i am a little rusty.


it's a new year
time to change gear
time to face the fear
brush away anxiety
forget about propriety
reaching for a higher day
when we can relax
in my mind
just watch time
as it goes by
don't try to chase it down
you'll only be chasing round
in spinning circles
jumping hurtles
instead we'll sit here
on the ground
to the sound
watching the earth
spin through the sky
the babbling brook
as it flows by
without me even trying
without me even moving
the world keeps spinning
insignificance is soothing
in a peculiar way
footprints fade away
tomorrow won't know
what we do here today
yet something is
always left behind
energy that transcends
both space and time
an essence that ever
lingers on
a feeling you can never
put your fingers on
so change gear with me
face fear with me
here's to the start
of a new year with me
watch time
go by
take each minute in
lay back and let the good earth spin


excellent rythum, powerful flow, simple statements. very well written. writters block is much like riding a bicycyle. once you remember where you ballance is your fine.. your fine, you know where your ballance is.

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