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i could rust here
gazing at the essence of you
and still know
there's work to do

i am not the tin man
perhaps the scarecrow
don't always know where my mind is
but my heart's where ever you go

we are both the lion
finding courage of our own
we may face our own fears
but at least we're not alone

and the wizard was just a man
no bigger than you or me
we can be our own wise ones
we both are free to see

you can come and go
and not really ever be gone
even when you're far away
your essence lingers on

in black and white you are
the fresh country air i breathe
in technicolor munchkinland
youre the golden haze
over everything i see


kooo...i like it! really nice...


nicely done! I love the wizard of oz. and to turn it into such a lovely and loving peom is incredible. me likey bunches. (That language usually for my kids)


its definitely grown on me through various rewrites. i think it is done now.

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