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I'm screaming for help with no one around, I run and run
there is no pathn to be found,
it just keeps getting darker and darker,
where is the light?
Is this a nightmare for i can not tell.
I finally get to a place i see her eyes,
She looks at me and smiles,
Her smile brightens my sky, brightens my world.
I was finally found no longer lost.
She heard my scream and I felt safe.
The days with her felt as if i was on top of the world.
Her soft hands locked within mine,
her cherry lips pressed against mine,
I was the only girl in the world
when i was with her i felt like a princess,
Until one day my whole world got dark again
someone blind folded me and i got lost
within the long dark path once again.
I thought to myself,
The love her and i shared was great for she saved me.
I felt like a lonley girl a lost cause,
for i was always sad.
Then she understood me understood,
that i was lost because my heart was in heven
with my best friend
my little brother
My Angel Above.
Having her in my life for the
short time she was around she helped me
love again helped me open a new path within my heart.
I know feel Complete, Some say i needed to find happieness
within my self to make my partner happy
and now im ready to make someone happy one day when i find her.
My Angel above will watch over me for he is still with me wherever i go.

Thanks for reading.




Thank you i write alot this is the first time i have ever posted any of my writtings for others to read i have more that i can post.

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