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to believe we have one soul that comes out of your body when you die.
is to believe what we do in life follows us in the after life.
weither you go to nirvana or heaven or hell
you create your sorrows and suffering for the world to see.

you burn a hole in time when you think twice
when you burn up the very thing that makes you cry.
when does it start and when does it end
when does it begin and i start to live

a single hatred towards someone you love to a misery filled experience.
what a day to bury a loved one
it could of been me
someone to hold to have and belong
from the depths of hell you live in a heated oven that creates your sorrows.

god doesnt love me
nor does he care
because i havent seen him
and i really dont care

so promise me this can it be alright to hate life and god
for creating if he did
atum is the creator but never reconized
say what you mean
and maybe i will be

say once and twice i say okay lets live.


This is really good. for within your heart you will find the strangth to get through the days. Its hard to bury a loved one, My heart is out to you


Letting go does not mean forgetting; as long as you remember they live on inside of you. As you share about them, they live in the world. Having said that, it is terribly awful, gutwrenching pain to loose those we love. My prayers are with you. Always, kel

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