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Too much, too little,
Theres no middle ground.
My family, my lover,
Just can't spread me around.
I love the, I want them,
I beg and I plead.
Its one or its ten,
I just feel like I bleed.
Yes today, no tomorrow,
We're talking, we're not.
I'm so happy, filled with sorrow,
Things are cold, now thier hot.
Can you tell me, or yet find me,
Am I lost, am I found?
Am I blind, or can I see,
Is there ballance to be found?


Is my poetry that bad or does it just got lot bcause I post and comment all at the same time? my comments get comments. Just not my poems. sorry if I sound sore, having a bad day, feeling invisible


I think it's mostly that it gets lost in the shuffle of new posts and comments. I did read this one yesterday when you first posted it, but have been too busy until now to be able to comment. That's always my problem. I have a few days off then a bunch of really busy work days, and then a few days off, etc.

Anyhow, I do really like this one. It's short and to the point. Good expression of the confusion and feeling pulled in two different directions. Good phrasing that emphasizes the balance you are searching for. Good rhyming scheme.

I like it.

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