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(love sent us a letter) - Poetry Group

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I was so excited the letter at last finally made it
We all gathered around the town square
the young and old, starving for the word
We could rest easy in a few short moments
I spoke clearly, I spoke loud. I braced myself for happiness,
and the world followed
The letter read, goodbye

Love sent us a letter
Shocked by the news many fainted, many cursed at the sky
but most of all, we all cried
My hands sweating, my breath shortening
all these wasted years, what did I do?
The rests said, I am fed up
Humans won't make a move if there's no catch
if there's no glory, no fame
All only notice pain, and the suffering in your lives
Is it so difficult to open your eyes to see what's before you?
There's beauty and hope, and joy

Love is tired love is sad, but most of all disappointed
But all I could think was, love won't come for me
I ran away, I tore though my shoes
I hid under bridges, I ran to the ocean where I called sanctuary
But not even its power could carry away my sorrow
Love sent me a letter, so I cut off my long locks of hair; Who would care?
Love's letter made me bitter
Love won't be on its way
Love won't be the one to save us first


"of these three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love, and the greatest of these is Love". The despair in this saddens me as I believe that love conquers all. I pray that this changes for you and you meet real love.

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