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How can you tell if someone is a lesbian? - Lesbian Ladies

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There's this girl im starting to get some feelings for. She's one of my sisters friends. i cant tell if she is a lesbian or not, she just hasnt really said. heres what she does:

- We slept in my bed for 4 nights in a row (with my sister on the end) but she always had her arms around me and let me snuggle up to her back with my arms around her

- randomly will say "You're amazing" or 'I love you"

-stayed up all night with me laughing and talking in bed while my sister was asleep

and i dont know...just sometimes the way she looks at me i get a feeling but i have no idea if thats just what she likes or if she likes me too. Im pretty bad at telling sometimes

can anyone help??


Ask them.


The problem is she is my sisters friend, i dont want to make it awkward for anyone.


It is not that big of a deal to ask someone a question it only takes a few seconds and you will have your answer. Believe it is better just to ask her or your sister then wonder about it.


good luck


No prob. Anytime... Goodluck