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They took me to the beach
They allowed me to enjoy myself
I relished in days of smiles, the warmth of the sun beating on my skin
the sunlight on my face, the sand below my feet
But, summer was growing old and so was I
They pushed me off the deep end
I was a good swimmer, I put up a fight
They had to hold me down, it was a disturbing sight
yet viewers just walked on by
It was a slow and painful kill
and when it was all over they watched me sink,
sink down to the cold floor
I'm no heavenly creature but I know, I deserved better
They held their heads towards the setting sun,
laughed so loud Satan thought he'd join
And every time my soulless body washed ashore
they'd all gather once more
They took pleasure as they'd kick dirt in my hair, spat on my pale skin, and tore off all my clothes
Laughed again repeatedly and shouted "what a fool she was"


This is good. The deep pain of having walked in the sun only to have been cast into shadow. The feeling of loss vivid and graphic.


thank you very much

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