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it was so hard to see from the blinding truth
It was so hard to hear, for there was a ringing in my ears
it was so hard to taste, the sweat raining down my face
oh all the lies
It was so hard to touch, reaching out was phobia
You can't smell hatred coming
I never meant to make you cry
I never wanted to make you hurt
But you damaged all that I held dear
I had to make an even score
I had to rip and tear apart you world
I had to make you face me
I wanted you to beg
I wanted you to plead
You wanted a war, you took no prisoners
You invaded my allies and corrupted their minds
I only prepared for a battle
You came at me with extreme force
I was knocked off my feet so hard
I called a retreat
The years went by, I thought there'd never be an end
What you didn't know was there was mutiny on my side of the battle field
You may have seen it on my wrists but you never saw it inside me
Screaming so violently


britt,,i like this, powerful...painful.
really good...but i wounder who this could be about also.



i like to leave things up to interpretation
but thanks for the encouraging comments,
this is my first time showing any poetry of mine

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