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im new to the group so i thought i would post a poem because im bored! - Poetry Group

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I can't wait for that kiss
apond those sweet lips,
The smell of your perfume
that fills the air,
The touch of our bodies
that move with the music,
And the look on your face
that shows your saticfide!

I can't wait for that smile
that glows on your beautiful face,
The sound of your laughter
that echos in my ear,
The warm feeling I get inside
when i get that hug good bye,
And that look on your face
that shows you don't wanna leave!

I can't wait for that moment you call
to tell me that you miss me,
That moment i see you again
for you to run into my arms,
Then we feel each others hearts pound
like you have lost something special,
And that look on our faces
that shows we are in love!

-casey byrd-


"nice". like it.



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