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Reviews/Attempts to Publish + Writing about gender/sexuality - Poetry Group

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I'm a young gay guy and sometimes I write poems (not many or often) but when I do I often include my sexuality. Not OMG I'm gay! but I've written poems about an ex-boyfriend with male pronouns etc.
One small worry I have is what other people will think of my work. Especially when it comes to trying to get my work published (if I ever write enough poems to try).
What are your thoughts on the issue? Have publishers/reviewers ever asked you about your sexuality or gender identity being expressed in poems? Or slyly 'corrected' the gender of pronouns etc like a homophobic languages teacher?


The few poems that I have published were about feelings from therapy sessions not relationship poetry and they were small publications. try publications that are written for gays or write enough to get a gay publisher to consider publishing your works in a book format and you'll have a better go at it. you might also check with gay publishers to see if they are looking for a collection of gay poetry from different writers. go to a gay bookstore and check out the poetry section and write down publishers names and google them for contact info. if you want to get published you'll find a way as long as your good enough. good luck. let us know how it goes. always, kel