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"She Be Playin'" - Poetry Group

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*one more for the evening.

"She Be Playin'"

keep one eye open
the other one closed
hope you see
what you're lookin for
past the end of your nose

keep one eye on the prize
its the size
of your heart
the other on the here
the right now, dear
the world we are a part of

lace the lines
smile blind
walk straight
out of your mind
but dont relax
pay your tax
slip and thats

where you lose
your time
trip and you
lose your mind

make sure
she ain't cheatin'
make sure
she ain't sneakin'
make sure she
can hang out
on the weekend

or a monday
or wednesday
or friday night
cause you know
if she can't
something ain't right

she be ballin'
she be playin'
she be lyin'
just a small one

she be creepin'
she be sneakin'
if it's you she
ain't been seein'

super woman thinks
she can live a double life
fucks a man without tellin' you
never mind his wife

do not feed
she bites back
and you may not
survive that

picture this
you are just
chillin' with your lady
she says for real
how you feel
about havin'
a baby

it ain't yours
and you're not sure
where this seed
come from

it arised
from the lies
that utter from
her tongue

listen please
there's disease
there is danger

there's no need
to proceed
the mystery
is solved

she's known
to some
shes known
to many
she may
introduce herself
some days
as Debbie

and no thats not
sing song
ding dong
read beyond the lines

there is a key
though she'll lie
she is thirty three

she wants you
and you
and you and you
and me
she wants
anyone who
is willing to
not see

the lies that she spits
rewinds and refits
to match with her life
shell cause you
such strife

keep one eye open
watch her when shes smokin'
watch her when shes buying
your next beer
she may seem safe
but shes your biggest fear

she'll tell you her woes
then try to empathize
meanwhile she's keepin' a man
on the side

one eye open
one eye on your prize
careful of that heart
you keep inside


a truer story ccould not have been told. Happened to my home girl a while back and it was bad. but friends can sniff 'em out lid dogs sniff out coons.Heed your friends advice and bail at the first warning. the longer it goes on the worse it gets and the more of yoour stuff you have to loose to get rid of her. Nice ryme and verse about it. Well ballanced. You made an ugly topic beautiful art. Well done. Bravo.


is it a true story???
because it sounds like it .and i agree wth kelly nicely balanced.


it is sort of a true story. its based on this girl who i was sort of friends with. she got really mad at me when she wanted to date me and i didnt return the feeling. after, she started dating another acquaintance of mine and at the same time was dating a married man and telling neither of them about it. it kinda drove me crazy because i didnt know if should tell the girl (i didnt know the guy), or what i should do. i just thought it was so wrong to be doing, and gross if you ask me.

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