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for fun - "Rambling Icee" - Poetry Group

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* sometimes when i write i start with what i have in front of me. that's how this one came about, but i kinda like it.

Rambling Icee

to icee pops
that fruit flavored
sugar water
i just cant stop

pink floyd
the wall
spins my drive
fills my time

lady love
my baby girl
i miss you
in my
day to day world

but im glad
your out there
thinking of me
and soon enough
we will be

together again
you have
worked your
way in
i havent
been so excited
since i dont
know when

i didnt think
i would ever
love like this

but my world
opened up
and it improves
day to day
when i think
of my luck
i have nothing
to say

i am blessed
to know you
the chance to
show you

when i fall hard
for a person, in love
there is nothing
i wont rise above

that is to say
its like self
i learn with
each movement
another way
to love
you are my muse
youre my
perfect glove

i wont let that go
without a fight
im not gonna
lose again this time
as long as i know
that this is right
im gonna work
to keep you mine

i ramble
dyes glowing
brain freeze
from the icee pop
i try and try
but i cant stop
i love you


i am considering removing the lines:

"i didnt think
i would ever
love like this

i like what they're saying, but feel they are stunting the rhythm and perhaps superfluous. what do you think?


Erin...LOL its amusing. enjoyable......love it.

its interesting the way your mind went somewhere deep, then turned amusing again. koo.

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