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So i JUST wrote this like... 20 seconds ago... I was inspired by my friend that came out to me tonight, well i've known for a while, but she's never said it. and i've totally had a crush on her for a while **blushes** and then she tells me about this girl that shes being hooked up with. i'm not complaining, it just kinda sucked. I didn't say anything to her because i didn't want to cross the line. but she makes it so hard.

never thought about
you that way. I just
couldn’t. We’re best
friends. But you hug
me tight, and kiss my
cheek. And I can’t help
but wonder; are we
crossing a line? Are
you playing with my
heart and its infinite
amount of
And then you leave
me cold. You tell me
of another girl. Kiss
me good night, and
pretend like nothing
happened. I’m
confused as to what
is going on here. I
need something to
keep me whole.
But you tear me
apart by night
and glue me
together in the
morning. This is a sick
game in which I’ll never
win. But I try. As
confused as I might be
I think there might be
something worth
trying for here.
because all I can
think about is


Your confusion and heartache are completely apparent. I.too.have been in those shoes. Thwarting pain will ease but the love usually remains unrequited. Good luck and God bless. Keep writing it helps heal the soul. Kel


thanks, its comforting to know i'm not alone. And it really does help. I almost feel instant relief after i write a poem about what i'm feeling


I am with Kelly. I have been in a similar situation. Not exactly the same, but simlar. The pain goes away. You move on. The love remains unrequited. And that's okay. Unrequited love is not a bad love. And sometimes the friendship is worth more than the unrequited love.

You have some great images in this. I like the second half of this a lot. It seems to take a little while to get into the poem. A little while for it to transition from sentences coming from your head into imagery and metaphor. I recognize that because I do that a lot. I will start sort of just writing what's in my head and as I write it....I slip from straight sentences to poetry.

I think a neat exercise would be to choose a point in the middle of the poem and make it the beginning, chopping off the first half of the poem, then continue on from where you have left off. I'm not saying it would be better or worse, just think it would be a neat exercise. I do it a lot with my poems, and get some really awesome stuff when I revisit the writing like that.


that's exactly how i write. and that exercise sounds awesome and i'll have to try it sometime : ] and yeah. this is true, its one of the reasons i've kept it to myself, because her friendship means more to me then a relationship.

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