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those are just words ,those words you have said.
those are just words and i must admit
hearing them makes me happy and full inside
those are just words come play inside.

those are just words and everybody knows
i love you dearly but sometimes people have to go
i love you dearly which one did you see
i wished upon a star that you will always be with me

those are just words the sun goes up and down
those are just words dont forget to put the sunscreen on
those are big hugs for someone that has lost
you loved dearly but it didnt keep your score.


Words without the actions required are meanilingless and painful. Words without sentiment are cruel. You can have a bull dog mouth and a tweety bird but and all you will get is an ass wipping. If your going to talk the tallk you must walk the walk. Faith without works is dead. You said it so very well. with no cliche's. Well done.

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