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not to be rude... lol - Lesbian Ladies

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But... I was just wondering.. is it really okay for femme's to have long finger nails.
1. how will anyone know your gay?
2. ouch
am i right?


idk,,, when the mood is right, ouch can be pretty nice I'm not really great at picking up on a girl's orientation yet, but fingernails aren't the first thing I'm looking at lol. Long nails are fine if they're not too crazy, and a girl knows how to use them.


I don't think it's neccessary. Again, u r first urself before being a femme. I am a femme myself n do not keep long nails coz of my job.
Also, you shouldn't care abt what people think ur orientation is.

Hope it helps.



What do you call a lesbian with long nails??

In all seriousness though, I don't think it's a huge deal as long as you're careful....


Haha...well 1. I don care if anyone knows I'm gay...2. The nails won't hurt as long as u know wat ur doing and 3. My fiance loves my nails! Most people r shocked when I tell em I'm gay because I'm really femme but I enjoy being a femme lesbian


I think its really really hot... though i agree it might hurt. Maybe cause all I've done so far is fantasize about it. I might change my mind if a girl actually used her long nails on me. XD But I gotta say, while I was still with my ex, I used to find it a turn on when she mentioned her nails and i remember staring at them in a sort of daze when i met her.


Mine are short.


you can have them slightly long i think, if you dont straighten your fingers out it shouldnt hurt or catch on her

but i usually had to cut mine before i had sex with someone cause she didnt want to risk it

i see these porn "lesbians" with 4 inch long nails, surely it would hurt touching yourself down there carefully with those, and fake ones to boot.


LOL I don't think it matters when it comes knowing if someone is gay because a femme is a girly girl.. but when it comes to sex they better have skill if they wanna penetrate their partner lol cause that would be very painful..


hmmm okay so it's not "size" that matters but skill, =) got it.
I have to say I do like longer finger nails, although it throws off my gaydar lol anyway....
Here's to finding a "skilled" finger nail wielding femme
wish me luck ;p


I'm a femme and I go back and forth between having lonf and short nails but I never take them super short. It just depends on what my partner likes. I like them long but then again I'm not trying to hurt her so I do what she wants with them. I know personally I don't like a girl to have long nails if she intends to use them. Yes I think they mak hands look nicer but I don't want them used on me unless they know for sure what they are doing.
I can usually tell if a girl is gay but hands are deffinatly not the first thing I look at to tell


well hun get them medium length lol and see how that works or you can touch her and use more toys that can always work as well get very imaginativeness it always works

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