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surround me in your love.
Smother me. Leave me with nothing
but your voice. Help me be a better
person, free of this blade.
Bless me with your kiss. I will accept
no other outcome. Angel, Surround me
in your love. Consume me. Crush my
bones into your bread and eat my soul.
Take my heart for all its worth. Broken
and tattered pieces lay strewn across
the floor.
Angel, Surround me in your love. Grace
me with your touch. Ignite me. Burn my
eyes. Blind and scratched from the horrors
of her life. Bless me with your voice. For
I no longer hear the good in people.
Angel, Surround me in your love. Spread
your wings and protect what is left of me;
the shattered remains of a lonely girl.

Missing an angel

God is supposed to
look out for us.
Care for us and nurture

us from all that is unholy.
I used to believe that. That is,
until I lost you. You were

the only thing keeping me
level headed. The reason
I woke up, my best friend.

What type of god would take
that away? What am I supposed
to think? That you’re better now?

You’ve gained the wings you never
could? That you’re flying with
the angels high in the sky?

You know that’s all a lie.
You’ve always been afraid of
heights and flying.

I want my best friend back.
All I have left of you are
memories. What am I supposed

to do? I could move on, but it just
wouldn’t feel right. I couldn’t stand
knowing that I’m living while you’re

cold and rotting in the ground.
Look what god has done to us. Torn
us apart. Left us with nothing. I tried

to join you once. How close I got.
I don’t know what to believe anymore.
Save me friend. Because I have nothing.

I am nothing without you.

Set me free! You keep me shackled in my room.
Are you worried? Did my friends tell you? That must
be the reason. Or did you figure it out for yourself?

Yes! I’m ‘not straight.’ I’m not the perfect daughter you
thought I was. But maybe if you would just listen you’d
see I’m not all that different. I’m still the same person.

Don’t you see that? Does it matter that I like the other
gender? It shouldn’t! You’re so narrow minded!
You nurtured me from birth. How can you disown your

own daughter? Are you just going to forget about me?
Please! Just try to understand. It’s not fair! I just want
your love, and acceptance! I don’t need big presents

under the tree this year. I just want you to love me again.

Lost Girl

She’s buried in her school books.
Set her free. Free from the horrors
that hold her down. But please,
whatever you do, keep it down.
We can’t let her mother hear.
It’s the last thing she needs.
Screams that could pierce your
ear drums regularly leave her
mouth, leaving her in tears.
What is left of her?
Broken promises and shattered hope.
Not anything that’s easy to swallow.
Watch her drag her father into bed,
trying so hard not to gag from the
smell of the alcohol.
Set her free. Free from the horrors
that hold her down. Hurry, you’re
losing her. How much longer do you
think she can take?
She’s cracking under pressure, but
can you blame her? She reads like
a ticking time bomb, leaving her alone.
People walk circles around her to avoid
destruction. How hard could it be to cut
the cord before it blows up? Surely it
would be easy enough to risk a
Stand in a group of people, where
do you think you’ll find her? Maybe,
in a corner. Or perhaps, she’s crying,
not even in the room. Do you have the
fondest idea why? I’m sure you do.
Her mother has told her about how
she’s worthless again. She blames her
for everything wrong in the world. But,
what did she ever do to her mom?
Try to impress her? The task seems
almost impossible. So she sits in her
room thinking she is a total failure.
But we all know this is a lie.
Free her. Free her from the horrors
that hold her down. Take her in your
arms and hold her tight. Make her
smile and feel at home. Let her know
that she is more then what she believes
and that there is a bigger and greater
world out there. Show her what love is
supposed to be like. Teach her to trust.
Give her the wings she never knew she

I’m drowning.
Your lies make
it impossible to
breathe. you
watch it all.
watch me kill
myself. And all
you can do is
smile. But oh,
your smile so
perfect. Bring
me above this.
Make me think
for one second
that this pain is
worth it and I’ll
stay. I need you.
Is this what love
is? Just a bunch
of lies? Do you
feel nothing for
me? Was it all in
lust? I think that
much is obvious.
Don’t look at me
like that. You know
I can’t refuse those
eyes. A shade of blue
that could cool the
sun. Why do you
have this effect on
me? You leave me
with nothing but
tears. Please. Just
for one second
make it right.
My blood stains
your hands. Vision
reduces to nothing.
The room is silent.
All I can think
is if are you happy.


dude that was deep. Good job


Vivid yes, but also the cadence and rhythm of it, how it is written visually... quite refreshing!


lotsa passion - lotsa feelz - take it to a mountain and let it drip between your teeth


OK 1st...Angle soo beautifully written... deep, i felt that desire for guidance.
2nd Missing angle...lovely its incredible the way you describe your pain,,,,it gave me a lunp in my throat.
3rd Shackled....well put i began to feel the hurt and frustration in your words,,painful.
4thLost girl... very discriptive, i felt your saddness. and i understand you pain. had a tear.
5th untitled...nice and its one that most everyone can relate to. really good.

you are officaly my favorite poet on this site so far, and there are a lot of them,,but yours are really a joy to read..
i look forward to more of your work.
love it, love it, love it.
very talented !


haha thanks a lot, actually, even though i can relate to lost girl, its about one of my best friends. missing angel was my first poem, it was about my best friend that passed away two years ago. shackled was originally supposed to be the other side to double life, but it didn't quite fit, so I just made it its own poem, but i do struggle with that, both my parents are homophobic, and i can't bring myself to tell them yet. I'm honored that you would say i'm your favorite poet on this site : ]


your welcome.
and you know....you dont have to tell them now but, do it before you start living a lie. and once that happens it becomes a domino effect and you will regret your lies, the worst part is if you get trapped in your lie then you wake up one day and realize that you have wasted 16years of you life and your totally and completely unhappy. (sorry got a little personal there,started rambling).

anyway i guess what im trying to say is tell them,,but tell them when you are ready and when you can stand your ground.
i can imagin it being a struggle i mean you dont want to make waves in the family, but this is a big subject for a lot of parents and its hard to see your child live a life you think is wrong..every parent wants to protect there child and in there eyes they are just trying to protect you from your self. you need to find a way to get them to understand ...that you are not living your life wrong just different. and there is nothing wrong with different.

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