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is there One person out there for everyone??
when does the hunt stop?? how do you know?
do you keep looking untill you feeeel it for sure
sigh.. im losing faith in love


its usually thinking like that which brings hope to those with no-one in their life.. but those who find someone and still wonder if there is someone else, usually end up leaving the one they are with to chase after what could be

i think if you meet someone, you should stay with them and be faithful, the ONE may not be someone you find, but someone who becomes the one for you, you could end up dumping the one for you if you think you find someone better, and realise they definately arent and by then it could be too late to go back to the one you were with..

it begs the old saying "if you cant be with the one you love, then love the one you are with"

but i agree , im also feeling love is dying out. the majority of women i see in this site all comment only on sex and sexually suggestive things as if we were mindless sex puppets.. theres no romance, no affection, just underlying or plain obvious sexual desires which are too much for me

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