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Hey, I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Natassja. Im a very spiritual person and I been a christian all my life. I just came out at the beginning of this year to myself and family. I been raised to believe that being gay is an ambomination and there's no way you can call yourself a Chirstian if you are.

I sometimes feel like Yes God is ok with me being a lesbian, then there are times I feel like No he probably hates me because Im lesbian.I feel like Im always on a see-saw. It gets to be so emotionally draining, Is this a normal feeling? Has any one else felt like this before when they first accepted that they are gay and Christian? Will it go away? I just want to love God, make him happy, and be happy with the love of my life.

SOrry so long


A Youtube Helpful link for you,................

I pray it helps! Let me know-k? Your brother in Christ Andre,



You have a reason to be here, God doesn't make mistakes, people do.
They fear what they cannot comprehend, which is Love unconditional.

Which is what they see in us.

Love, like hate, doesn't have a gender. Nether does the human heart and soul that reflects this truth, to the one who hates it most. Is the one who want s love stopped, and that isn't God. For God is Love, and Love covers a muititide of sins, 'Her sins are forgiven her, for she has loved much."


You are loved


Believe, in Him, and Him only, not the degrees of humankind,.........................







Pray in love for those who do not understand who and hoe very precious you are in God's plan, He doesn't make mistakes.

With Love IN Christ Our Saviour, your brother in Christ, Andre~ +++++++++


Well, Ms. Price, I must say tht u made me tremble for a split second. Feelings Ive had, sometimes still have every now n then you said it out loud! I love Jesus with all my heart. He's the only example to live by because even mother and father have their biases/prejudices when you drop the "gay" bomb on them. I told myself once that if God made me choose between him and being gay. I would choose him because no one has effected my life the way he has. But the Bible says, as along as you confess his name n believe he is Lord then you are saved. Girl, I believe with every fiber of my being.....all these other folk, Christian folk, judgmental folk....will be OKAYYYY. Peace n blessings, all.


Thank you so much Andre for the youtube links The one with the Bishop really was helpful, something about a man or woman of God that is gay and is serving God brings a calmness over me. The music was very soothing. Added some of them to my playlist. I never seen Godspell I will now check it out.


Chiree! Wow you are an amazing person. My shoulders feel less heavy now knowing that I am not the only one who felt like this before. If feels like a weight has been lifted.... I been holding this in for months... Thank you


Your heart is so precious to Our Father, that evil will do what ever it can to destroy it. The Devil doesn't go after his own, but us who love God, and he will use every dirty trick in the book and then some, to try to make you his, and not as you are, a child of the most blessed God, who loves you so very much.
You are in my prayers, and I am humbled that I have been of some help to you, thank you, for allowing me to touch your life, and to love you as God does, freely and with out any reservation or conditions.

Your little brother in Christ.



My Christmas Present to you. You can watch Godspell,
beginning here :
Godspell part 1
then keep the Godspell part and then change it to part 2 and so on!


I hope that works for you

I think it has 12 parts sorta like the Apostles, (Go figure! LOL!)

You might also like Jesus Christ Superstar:

Jesus Christ Superstar the movie complete Part 1 of 11

Begin here:

God and his Angels be with you always.!
And see you safely back home to Him.


Hi Nasstja! My name is Shawnee. I also have been a Christian ALL my life. I LOVE GOD. I also believe that GOD LOVES ME! He created me. He makes no mistakes. KEEP SERVING HIM. For African American gays it is very difficult. A true Christians wont judge you. They know its not their job. I have been in a relationship for 9yrs. We worship together and that helps a lot. Our Paster is a wonderful Man of God. He welcomes everyone!
I will be Praying for you! Please pray for me.

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