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how do you describe the things you hide
how do you describe what is right in your hand
to have sorrow to have good days and bad
maybe one day i will break free of these chains that bound me

sometimes the one you need is an empty road that needs to be filled
deciding the fate of your soul and your body being a shell to travel in
maybe the art of living is to express one self through writing
a child hood dream i just wanna scream wheres reality

dreaming of what makes you real your heart beats
to a cold sweat and now i am sleeping and she is half way around the world
lost and foundered i ask a question of when and i get soon.
make me real and sweet
play cards never give away but never let one drive a car if your in the passenger side.

your bones crunching the ground you get up and say hey its me


Sounds like you have been in the damage path of my ex. I too have been those broken bones trying to stand and ask why. I am so glad to be out of that cycle. lol...

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