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Freestyle Fantasy (SERIOUSLY, a fantasy) - Poetry Group

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Keep me alive, sweet baby
never let me go
Don't stop, don't stop
please, please sweet baby
one more time, just one more time
keep yourself up and going
so we can go together, baby
touch, taste, tickle, twitch
lick me like the lipstick-lined
lover that you are
keep me on you, inside you,
Drug me with your fucking, baby
sticky, icky, trickling down my back
like the dew on a mirror after a
long, hot shower,
you want me to wipe my sorrow,
my memories of anything
but you, me, us, and fire.
Our fire, our heat
our passion,
as one,


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its ok.could be less wordy
i would loke to submit my free form how do i do that

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"go together" is so very much better than "get together" in this context

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