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I have this idea where I can write about anything at anytime. I am always inspired to write something funny, serious, deep, lovely, etc. The topics can go for miles and I could have my own book collection. I just don’t know what it is that stops me from typing these subjects? I can walk down the block and as soon as I reach the end, I want to write about it, an idea or topic that catches fancies. I smoke cigarettes and I drink coffee to relax and loosen my nerves to allow the writing to flow right out of me. I go through two packs of cigarettes in a week to do an essay for English class in college, but I can’t sit down and type a piece on sex or coffee. Where did this obstacle come from? What do writers do to get the typing going? Your help is much needed, for my ability to continue writing. Something I had a problem with in high school is now my favorite thing to do because college made it more intimate, one-on-one, me and the keyboard. This is my new found passion, writing. I’m taking English 2 next semester and I need these exercises to improve my skill and impress my English professor. I feel hopeless. I need some advices.


Someone once told me to just write, write the first thing that pops into my head and don't stop. The beauty with that is that I can delete it if I don't like what I've written. :0)

So, my suggestion is, just write something. Write anything to get you started.



Exactly. Some people call it freewriting. Write whatever comes into your head, with no editing, no trying to find the best word, or the perfect topic. Just let your thoughts flow directly onto the page, like free association on a shrink's couch. Then you can go back and delete the crap and organize the rest, and punch it up nice. Works great on a wordprocessor, because you don't have to worry about being able to read your shitty handwriting. LOL


That funny, thanks