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how do you tell some one you dont like them - Lesbian Ladies

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i have this friend that is cool very sweet but not my type but she is to sweet to let down what do i do


well, you dont wanna hurt their feelings, and that's good that you realize that. So, nicely tell them that you're not looking for a serious relationship right now, but you would still love to be their friend. they should appreciate that more than anything.


Better to tell her now then drag this on and let her believe that you two might have a chance. If that's how you feel.

It'll hurt short term yes, I don't care what anyone says there is no 'easy' way to let someone know you're not interested if they like you, but it'll hurt less than if she finds out later that you've been negligent to tell her. It's not fair to your friend to drag her along and I don't think that's your intention.

Hope this helps a bit.



thats true but she is so sweet thinks


"Im not interested emotionaly in you as more than a friend, sorry"

Do not say : "You're not my type/style"


okay thinks