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Do I have your smile, your eyes, or nose?
Some say I do, but I really wouldn’t know.
Do you like to draw, or sing, or dance?
I’d really like to know, but was never given the chance.

It sux that so many years have gone by
But I’m still looking, still asking,
And still wondering why?

Well, I’m not giving up; I’m not giving in
Some may want to me to stop
But they’re not gonna win

Some answers have been evasive
And some just don’t seem to come
Some think that the silence erases
But trust me, I’m nowhere near done.

I don't consider myself a poet in any way, but once in a while I like to write and get it out. I guess it's therapeutic.. for me anyway )


it's good


Writing when you are emotionally charged (either negative or positive) is very theraputic for you. You clean out your feelings, frustions, inhibitions, etc.
Btw-I like your poem
Some answers may never come, but never give up the questions!




poetry is poetry. Whether it is Grammaticly perfect or not, It is something that comes out of our souls. It is theraputic. and it is not like all poets write a mass of poems intent on a book like a novelist does. We feel, we write. Sometimes well, sometimes goofy and embarrasing. It is a good poem and it only takes one to make one a poet. And, since I too am a questioner, keep asking questions. The only stupid question is the one not asked. : )

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