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Stereotypes..... - Bi Bi Bi Women

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I'm tired of these stereotypes, I'm pretty sure not all Bisexual are like them. The one I hate the most tho is the one that depicts us as whores...... I just want to slap people who say that.......lol. What's the one you hate the most???


that we are not faithful to our partners, that no matter what we will end up with a different person because they are the other sex, that gets under my skin! I don't hop the fence, I don't perch on the fence, I just choose to not have a fence... (in my case i am poly) i also say everyone is entitled to their opinion but some opinions are about as great as dejon mustard on cheesecake!


Yea lol people need to get it together and open there minds


that bisexuality simply doesn't exist- you are gay, or you are straight. In the case of women especially, as women are less concerned with maintaining a gender image (a woman isn't less femmenine for being with another woman, for some reason... but a man is apparently less of a man for being with his own gender? Riiiiiight...), straight women go around pretending to be bi because they're lonely or horny, until a man comes along. They only play with women in their downtime. Or, they're just a "confused" lesbian.

In my mind honestly, though- I feel there's always one person that no matter what sexuality you label yourself as, you would break from it just once to be with them. You know- that one person you'd "go gay" or "go straight" for. In the end I feel we're all pansexual- we just love the people we do, and all the rest is just aesthetics.

but what do I know? I'm just a crazy poly girl, god knows there's plenty of stereotypes for that too!


being bi. to my friend they think i only like the ladies, so we hang out they dont evan want to talk upon hot men cos they think they shuld see if i like that girl or that girl or the next ladi... i do tell them what bi mean they say they know but why do they expect wen we party they gota start up on which giirl i like than not speaking upon guys i think are ok&gt&gt&gt???? jee gollly but ilove my friends jus wish they see i do like men to.. im dating a guy an still no change...


I do not like the stereotypes that depict bisexuals as being confused and complete horn dogs just to explain why they like both sexes. Also how men think just because you will have sex with a man and a woman they think that automatically means you will have a threesome(not saying that all guys think that, tho). But oh well!


what bothers me most is when someone tells me im confused
no doubt i have gay pride
but i hate when im told oh you dont know what you want
why is it we even have to have a label
we can date either gender; i mean i say Im a human that dates humans whomever i fall inlove with is who i fall for ; gender isnt somethinq to care about


I completely agree with you, like I fall for a person because of who they are and there are no limits.


I couldn't agree more. I chose to be open about my sexuality from day one. The treatment I get sometimes is very annoying . . on occasion a guy will invite me out to the bar or something in hopes that I will pick up a girl . . I had one guy friend try and throw me at random girls he thought were hot and try and get me to dance with them . .I left.

I paid for a vacation for one of my friends because I couldn't find ANYONE who could get the time off during my reading week to come with me and she doesn't work. .and her mom asked her if I did it because I was expecting her to sleep with me . .

When I left my husband because he was cheating on me . .our failed marriage was blamed on me being bi-sexual because "I make him being attracted to other women less of a big deal because I am attracted to them too"

Then there's the big one I get all of the time . . that because I am bi I must want to have threesomes all of the time . . .ugh

I also find that people do not take you seriously as a bisexual . .they accuse you of claiming to be bi for extra attention . .or as someone else mentioned above . . because you are just confused.

I am sooo annoyed :s


Same here.
I hate stereotypes but most of them are pretty funny. Like some people are just not understanding towards others and make thing up things to explain it.
But like oh well, that’s life but I completely understand where you are coming from.


oh I agree its life. It's just nice to vent about it to people who may understand more than my other friends do.


true enough
but like it is always good to vent... and you can always just message me if you ever need to vent some more (i like to talk). lol.


I agree with all of the above.
It's ridiculous to say a bisexual is more likely to be unfaithful than other because they like both sexes. The majority of cheaters are straight guys.
It's ridiculous to say you can be straight or gay but being bi just means you're confused. What's confusing about being attracted to both sexes? My mom is insistent that I'm just confused. Granted, she hardly even agrees that people are/can be gay, even though her brother is. She also thinks its a choice to be bi but it's not a choice to be gay. In what world does that even make sense???
It's ridiculous to say all bisexuals just wanna have threesomes. Lots of people want to have threesomes; straight, gay, bi, trans.
There's also the deal about bisexuals liking transsexuals because 'they get the best of both worlds'. Just because one is bi doesn't mean they will want to be with a trans.
Granted, in my opinion, threesomes and trans sound interesting but that doesn't mean that's all I go for.


Mine is probably the fact that we have it 'easy' compared to gays and that we 'choose' to be bi because we can't 'decide' which gender/sex to be with or that we just will take whatever is given to us. BLAHHHHHH!!! &gtX(