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Cheating??? Affairs? - Lesbian Ladies

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So i guess im not quite sure on how to tell if my girlfriend is cheating on me.
Lately shes been hanging out with alot of people from work and thats fine...i dont mind. Now shes been having my lil brother and one of the girls from her work with her lil boy have lots of play dates. Im just starting to get a lil concerned cause they hang out all the time now and are always texting eachother. When ever i talk to her friend she never has much to say to me and is always quit...but once shes around my gfriend then shes a totally diff person. My girlfriend has a facebook page and i was reading some of her comments and status ( remind u that im NEVER on facebook) and shes always talking to the girl and my fiance has all these comments up about not being happy, that she cant make that one person happy and theres nothing but lies. So i sat back at work thinking for a min that maybe shes not happy or shes having an affair. Her friend from work also always gave me a wierd feeling. I asked my girl if she was happy and she said yes and that im the only thing in life keeping her going. A few weeks ago we got into an argument because she actually told me that she felt i was tying her down and that she has to ask permission to do anything.,,and i was fuckin furious and i actually left her but she apologized and said that she didn mean wat she said and she was just having a bad day. But shes always in a bad mood these days, never wants to really spend time w me and now im left with nothing but to think of the worst. What makes me angry is that i try and talk with her about how shes feeling and she gets pissed but yet she wants to post it to the world on facebook. Ugh just so frustrated and stressed out to the point where i just wanna call things off and let her do her own thing. Help!


wow.... sounds like im reading my life... i can relate cuz im basically in ur girlfriends position... it sux becuase she probably really really really loves you and wants to be with you.. but she probably really wants to do her own thing and have fun again. kinda have your cake n eat it to. unfortunatly she is most likely cheating on u .. if not then is thinkin about it. sorry to say but im juss going on certain facts. the random behavior change. the going out wit friends all da time now. shes clearly experiencing something "new" "different" "fun|" she might not want it for da long run but rite now she probably feels as if u are holding her back from meeting new ppl and having a lot of fun...


I have been thinking about that alot with my current girlfriend and i am hoping that i dont end up in this same situation but i am afraid that later in our relationship i will be going through the same thing. from what i read it really does seem like shes cheating but she doesnt want to leave u because she may be scared or have doubts but i definetly think u should reevalute ur relationship with her and see if its really worth it.


Wow... this sounds like the situation I just got out of. Literally. I agree with Maizy. Most likely she's cheating. The random behavior change, always going out with "friends", the constantly texting that girl, the facebook posts...... I had ALL those signs plus more and over looked them and got played. You gut feeling is almost always right. But from an ousiders point of view..... get out now. Save yourself some heartache.