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The Salvation Army—Naughty or Nice? - The Gay Christian Network

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"According to gay rights activists, the Salvation Army, known for its homeless shelters, thrift stores and, yes, holiday bell ringers, has had a long history of homophobia. Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network, pointed to the Salvation Army’s official policy statement on homosexuality as a clear indication of how the organization views same-sex relationships. In the statement, the Salvation Army defines marriage “as a gift of God to be enjoyed within the context of heterosexual marriage.” It also states that “scripture forbids sexual intimacy between members of the same sex,” and that gays and lesbians “are called upon to embrace celibacy as a way of life.” The statement is supported by a number of passages from the Bible, including Leviticus, which at certain points state that gay people should be killed."

More here: http://chicagoist.com/2010/11/29/the_salvation_armynaughty_or_nice.php


You can see what damage there is done "in the name of God and Jesus Christ"!


As with anyone or any organization there are always good and bad traits. Thier position on the issue is far better than many other organizations. Celebacy is not somehting that I believe God wants to be forced on people, however it is far better than the "pray the gay away" approach that my denomination supports (pentcostal).

If I were to assume that what an organization does for the GLBT community is the only indication of their worth, id agree that the Salvation Army is a harmful organization. However they do a lot of great work advancing the kingdom of God in the community and sharing the love of God more than any other group I know. Yes a lot of harm is done in the name of God because of homophobia, but that doesnt negate the good that an organization or person does.

What it means is that there are a lot more minds and hearts that need to be changed. Just as GLBT's need God's grace, so do homophobes...


Yes you can see the change that has gone on in the last 20 -30 years between same sex relationships Me as being adopted and my brother our town shunned homos they didnt understand back then so people kept it to them selfs ,and for the salvation army Yes they help a lot of homeless and soup kit,clothing , but I will never forget what they did to my family best regards


I agree with Daniel when he said that celibacy is not something that God wants to be enforced on people. After all, the Lord did say that “it is not good that man should be alone” [Gen. 2:18]. Should one live a life of celibacy, it should be by choice and not by force.
There may always be organizations and people that throw scripture around to prove that God hates gay people. The fact of the matter is that most of these people may not even own a bible, and if they do, the book is probably gathering dust somewhere. It is unfortunate that people misuse scripture in order to judge and condemn others.

Leviticus [and other books] is being used as a weapon and I really wish people would actually study the bible before trying to use it against anyone. By study, I don’t mean just reading the words, but “study”; dig into the history so one understands what is really being said.
Leviticus, Romans, Corinthians, any book that mentions homosexuals needs to be looked at carefully. If you truly study them, there is nothing that says that a loving, monogamous; relationship between two people of the same gender is a sin. Nothing.
The fact of the matter is that the homosexual acts talked about are acts being committed by heterosexuals during idol worship; ceremonies conducted as a form of worshipping the fertility goddess and gods [small “g”]. If one truly looks into the history, time, date, culture, place, it wouldn’t be too difficult to figure it out. Ok, looks like I went off on a tangent.. Sorry. It just drives me crazy sometimes when people take scripture and misuse it, misinterpret it, and condemn people with it. I wish people would just take the time to truly study the word in its original context.


The human race has a long history of homophobia, and has expressed it through many venues in human life, including the religious. Homophobia, it seems to me, arises in human beings who often also have a great difficulty with their own sense of security. This may be masked by the expression through personality of demands for "order" (their order, no one else's) "rightness" (again, their view of that over the views of others) "goodness" (good is a word that derives from the old English "of God", and the interpretation they take of goodness is their own interpretation of God's sense of rightness and wrongness. The inability to dialogue with people of other points of view in a real way is often based in their own life experiences from earlier years. Some of those may have been very strong and painful, involving their own acceptance or rejection by others. When this folds into personality it often causes great self-doubt, which presses the individual to focus on making the world around them agree with them - to attempt to strengthen their inner resolve. This in turn often results in this kind of individual working hard to maintain a fundamentalist view - which tends to reject everything that goes on around them outside of a very narrow viewpoint. Often, they even feel good about this negative activity. I've seen a lot of it in my travels.

It can even bring about decisions on people that can result in their death. I have personally seen people thrown out of the Salvation Army hostel to a street in -40 (C.) weather without a care in the world as to whether they have anywhere else to go or whether they could freeze - just because the staff didn't like their behavior. This kind of faulty judgement can be dangerous in a situation like that, not merely annoying.

Let's pray for them, that they will open, cry a little, heal and learn.


A lot of Christians dont want to learn or study the bible...its safer to repeat what they have been taught...from preachers who repeat what they have been taught...old ideas die slowly in Christian circles...


Oooohhh.... ...Maybe time for a name change? Maybe the Damnation Army? for condemning others?