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straight guys - Looking for LOVE!!!

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i swear i'm a fucking sucker for them (don't go there, u dirty people).
i've fallen for three straight guys in my 19ish (i just turned 19) years of life. the first, was an older guy (i was 15, going on 16, and he was 18, going on 19) and he was a christian. badum-bum! yeah. and he had a girlfriend too.
so, the next year, like frickin clockwork, i fall for another straight Christian guy (i KNOW! I'm tragic.). this time he was younger. a year younger, to be exact. i'm still in love with him now, but it sucks. we've been through SO many discussions about homosexuality and how it's a sin and blah, blah, blah the usual christian bs bout gays. but through all he put me through, i still love him.
and now. *short laugh* it's happened again.
this time, he's NOT a christian, he's older (he's 24, now.), i met him at work and *sad sigh* he has a girlfriend. it sucks but what sucks ever more is that, he's leaving soon and i don't know when. i'm dreading the day when he does.
so that's the sad story of my non-existent love life. any comments, as long as they're not judgmental or mean, are appreciated.
DAMN. this thing is long.


it happens, i fell for this guy ... well he was my best friend... and i had to ride the bus with him for 4 years... we sat next to each other and talked everyday about anything and everything... i had to sit there and listen to him talk about his sex life with his girlfriend, we are still friends now but he and i dont see each other that much anymore, not cuz im gay but cuz we arent in school and we dont live next to each other anymore... i still love him but... but now its more like a brotherly love.


One of the toughest things out there is loveing someone who doesn't love you back. Be it a straight guy who has no interest in you, another guy who's already taken, a friend who see's you as just that. I personaly am still in love with my most recent ex. We're just friends now and I see him with his new boyfriend and feel like I'm dieing inside. It's one of those things that sucks but we have to make a choice. Is it worth tormenting yourself in hopes of a miracle or should we just move on.


I remember going thru all that in highschool - small town, didn't feel brave enough to come out to anyone but had a series of crushes on guys who I knew were straight or most likely were (wishing I could have played things a little differently so I could know for sure in at least one case)... and Hey, I'm almost 34 and still single.. thought I had a bf a couple months ago but he dumped me. That might not sound very encouraging for you but I guess the point is, move on! You're still young, you've at least got that going for you, and I'm sure you will look back on it and think how silly it all was.


yeah i know how it feel to fall for a straight guy once and am still in love with him but with some major stipulations ! i was about 12 or 13 when i meet him him was this geeky kinda kid at first and even so i began to like him ! time passed and we'd been through alot of shit ! he was about 17 and id just turned 21 " i know its bad " but i kept from ever letting him know of my feeling for him but sadly it did not work as i had hoped ! he certainly became a hottie and got a girl friend it torn me apart but still i liked him just the same ! and beacme protective of him . the girls he liked id made a point of telling him to be carful of them ! this is probly what made him see how i felt . i felt lucky to know a guy like JJ cook ! hes the kinda guy thats comfortable with him self and did not care if you were gay or straigh or what ever ! time passed and i was still living with him we always talked and at time he certainly told me things that i realy did not need to know and it always made him laugh at my expressions ! but at length if he did know how i felt about him he never indicated this , the smile he wore towords me was quiet puzzling and i never knew that he knew ! some shit happened and i had to leave not anything that id done but something about his family and him ... they were pot growers and id helped for time to time with this ! but like all things i could not last and this is what it was ! my sister had sent me tickets to move out here to oklahoma and i was torn to have to leave but what choise did i have ! i felt like everything i knew what going to fade away that i might never see them again . the day was drawing closer to my big move ... and id already moved my belongings to my mothers house there in that same town so i wasn't unable to go say good bye , the day befor the flight out here i went over to say what i needed to say to him a sorry and thank you ! what happened that day was like nothing id ever expected to happen ! i told him of what i felt for him and feeling scared as hell to do it i spilled it and proceeded to say sorry as well , i was interupted and he gave me a hug and simply said to me i know ! i was too shocked to know what to do but stand there almost lifeless . i was going to say something more and that when he gave me a kiss on the forhead and said ill miss you bro ! this was realy something ! i mean never did i think that would happen but i suppose i... i must have blushed a little of corse he saw this and just laughed at me ! still not being able to get ahold of myself he huged me again and wished me a safe flight ! i saw this hole thing happen in my head way diffrently so it was more tormenting to me for him to have done that but then again i guess i was luck to have a friend like that ! it is no story it realy happend ! but sadly iv not talked to him since i got to oklahoma and i miss miss still but have moved on and will never forget him


Im in love with a guy at my school right now, we don't hang out that often but we're in the school's spring musical together. He's very nice to me but has a girlfriend already before i met him but then again they broke up over the summer. One day after school, we had a conversation together and he told me i was the closest friend of his out of the school so it made my feelings for him even stronger. Anyways, i told my 2 closest friend about my feeling for him and they told me to tell him when we leave the school at the end of the year. So from then on i came on a little stronger to see if he feels what i feel. It kinda weirded him out a little and one day I saw his facebook info which said he's interested in men. I asked him about it and he told it must have been changed by someone else and jokingly told me don't get excited b/c he's not gay. That threw my mood off a little but i managed. Btw Richard, your story encouraged me so now im planning to tell him when we part though i still love him very much.


wow. thanks guys for all of ur stories and advice etc.
it's not that i haven't moved on, it's just, with the guy i've fallen for now, it's still kinda new for me. well, maybe not. i have known him for seven months now. whatever! i will move one, but i don't think i'll let go.
i move one, but i don't let go. i'm sure u know what i mean. right?


i always turn them to the good side