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tempt me to fall from heavens doors and to be unforgotten
the making is great of a big mistake
they let you go without asking
tempted by the simplest of things and the promise to be happy

when you remember all your sins do you smile and giggle if you know what i mean.
do you tempt fate to make the same mistake but not to judge you in a flight of hate.
society promises no understanding.
your dreams are covered by clouds of different shades of grey
but it never rains
tempt me to fall from heavens doors and not yet be still or tortured

having a dream whispers turn into screams is she out there or am i un touched by the one who is fallen.
needless to say its a good day when you wake up and all is forgotten.
you are who you are and not by far do you walk the same path as a marride woman.


dude that's really good

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