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I wrote this poem about the female body and my love of it:

"The splendiferous majesty of its curvature
The incredibly smooth softness of its form
Atop this wondrous expanse sit magnificent pillows
Beneath which the clock of life can be heard

There is no one word for its beauty
No one way to describe its complexity
One can not reflect on its fragility
That is, not without considering its strength

Its mystery and magic leave many wondering
Its torturous disappearance can cause a body to ache
A lovely joy that is desired by some and envied by others
And the glorious stupor it can bring in an instant

The way it can lustily arch
The strong sense of elation at the feel of it
Touch sending out a wave of piloerection
There is no greater ecstasy than to explore it"


~claps~ freaking incredible. Good job


thats awesome


a true paean.

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