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Hey this is just a song i wrote and finished today (11/12) please dont steal it i worked really hard and now I'm trying to get music to it. though ideas for titles would be helpful.

(Verse 1) In pure love and bliss
The dying of the seasons
Contradicts the blooming of our love
We will run about in the dance
Of the falling leaves
Let the fairies be jealous
By out joyous laughs
As we gather the pumpkins’ evil grins
And our hearts are
Sweeter than candy ‘cuz

(Chorus) You’re my mid-summer’s night dream
You mean everything to me
From this moment on
Til the end of ever
We will be together
My mid-summer’s night dream

(Verse 2) Can we read Shakespeare
Sitting in front of the fire
Our hands intertwined
Our hearts made as one
Let the winter outside
Blow and storm away
Because we know that
We’ll be okay
As long as you know


(Verse 3) Let’s be our own fairy-tale
Our own happy ending
That never has to end
Let me rest in your arms
And listen to your heart
As we watch the stars
And hear the crickets chirp
Until the rain lets us kiss
With a cool passion

(Chorus x2)


that was really good


I read your lyrics and I do hope you can put it to a sound track. As for a title, I pondered and wrote down. I didn't like some of my own choices, just the first one, since it seemed rather suiting. #1: Haylee's Song. #2: Night Dream. You did ask for suggestions, so I hope I was able to help out.


thank you both


I just had a brain fart (idea), www.danosongs.com He composes his own music and posts it online for anyone to use. Perhaps you can contact him with a request? He's really good and I get his music links sent to my email, each time he releases a track or two. Take a look and there is a contact link on this page too. Good Luck and you're welcome.