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On an amazing ship they sailed,
A journey to New york they thought couldn't fail,
But then the thing people feared,
An iceberg apeared,

As the captin tried to steer the ship round,
The ice berg hit with a sickening sound,
People where confused, didnt know what to do,
Some where running but didn't know where to,

The ship was slowly going down,
People where put in life boats so they wouldn't drown,
Grown men started to cry,
They all knew they where going to die,

Musicians played music to keep people calm,
But the music they played had lost its charm,
People where screaming, they didnt care,
Others quiet as mice whispered prayers,

"Can anyone save us?" a mother cried,
"No one can" the captin sighed,
"Where doomed " said he,
As the ship sank into the sea,

So pray for the children whose lives were saved,
And for their fathers who went to a watery grave,
Their coffin, an unsinkable ship,
That sank like a stone on its maiden trip.


nice descriptions dude

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