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So, lesbian women... is it safe to say that it seems lesbian relationships last less long? Because it seems that way to me!!! Not to mention, I always attract the weirdos. lol Any way, I'm single and loving it...but it does get lonely sometimes, agreed? My problem is just jumping two feet into anything and I have yet to learn to land... any way, That's the start of this discussion, if you can relate, do please respond!


see im tthe opposite all mine have lasted long, 5years or so. wish i didn't setle so young!! gaaaaaaah never feel lonely as all my exs are my bestfriends and are always around to give me hugs and umm..things. wow we sound like such a weird group lol but hey we work and we are just one bg group full of love for eachother x


I don't think its safe to say that lesbian relationships don't last long. Most women I know have been in relationships with their partners from 10-25 years. Some of them have kids, some of them don't. Maybe when your young it seems like relationships don't last, but isn't that true for everyone? Hetero's included? Keep believing in long term lesbian relationships and it will come to you

As my mom said: "Sow your wild seeds when you're young. I did, lived my life and I don't regret it. Settling can come later"

But of course, if you meet that special person, go for it!


well, ive had most of my relationships not last very long at all but i did have one relationship that lasted....oh i believe it was almost 3 yrs....i think it just depends on how well you know/like each other(the other way i was going to say it sounded waaay too corny lol)